Cancun Hot Tub Hire

The Cancun, perfect for 2-4 people – the smallest hot tub for hire in our range. However, do not mistake entry level for basic because the Cancun is a fantastic hot tub, which delivers a luxurious experience. The Cancun comes complete with 120 air jets, which deliver power that helps the stress and strain of your day melt away.


7 Nights
2 Weekend’s
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Comfort and Luxury In One

After every hire we do, we always ensure that our customers are happy with their experience and ask for any comments about the hot tub they have hired. The Cancun is always described as the most comfortable hot tub they have ever sat in without fail. In fact, some people describe the experience as sitting on a pillow of air while being bombarded by bubbles.

Nice and Quiet

When a hot tub has over 120 jets pushing air into water, it is only reasonable to accept some level of additional noise. Yet, another impressive benefit of the Cancun is how quietly it runs. Although this is not a factor that many people typically take into consideration when hiring a hot tub, part of the experience provided by a tub is the ambiance and the atmosphere, particularly if you are aiming for a romantic weekend with your partner. Once again, the Cancun delivers in this regard, which is why it is one of the most popular hot tubs in our range.

Seemless Delivery & Collection For The Ultimate Hot Tub Hire Experience

Every hire from Hot Tub Fun comes complete with:

Delivery and setup in the location of your choice

Floor mats under the Hot Tub for your ultimate comfort

The Helsinki Hot Tub

Filter, Heater & Pump unit

Filters & Chemicals to keep the hot tub clean and safe to use for the duration of your hire

If you think the Cancun is the perfect choice for you or have any further questions you need to answer before booking, then contact our friendly customer service team on 01494 355410, who will be more than happy to assist with your Hot Tub Hire.

The Cancun Statistics At A Glance

2 – 4
1,325 L/h
350 gal/h
669 L
177 gal
696 kg
1,534 Lb


• Height: 66cm

• Width: 180cm

• Width with Pump: 223cm

• Filled Weight: 796kg (1,775b)

• Water Capacity (70%): 669 Litres


• Suitable for 2-4 adults

• Heats up to 40°C at approx 1.5-2°C per hour

• Soft-touch control unit

• 120 Jet AirJet massage system

• Simultaneous heating/filtration/bubbles

• Cushioned floor

• 669 litre water capacity

• Filled weight 696kg

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