How To Prepare Your Garden For Your Hot Tub Hire Event

You have booked your hot tub, invited your guests, so now all that is required is to ensure you have the music, alcohol, and food sorted, right? Unfortunately, it is not quite as simple as that. When hiring a hot tub, there are certain things you need to consider and prepare before we bring your hot tub to your home. Although we have tried to think about everything, to ensure that the process runs smoothly, we ask all of our customers to follow some guidelines. None of these are especially difficult to implement, but we would really appreciate your assistance before your event.

Think Carefully About Your Location and Where You Want The Hot Tub Installed

The hot tub needs to be situated on a level and smooth surface, with decking, concrete, or patios being the optimum location. Although we will provide a protective base upon which to place the hot tub, it would be very helpful if the area could be swept clean of stones, children’s cars, or anything else which could damage the hot tub or prove uncomfortable for anyone sitting in it, once it is up and running. It is also important to consider who will be using the spa; if it is children or teenagers, you will not want the tub to be in the main pathway into or out of your property, as the temptation to jump out wet and walk through your home could be too much. Finally, to get the hot tub into your property or back garden, we need the access patch to be at least the width of a wheelie bin.

Consider Your Electricity Supply

All of our market-leading spas need a suitable electricity supply within 10 meters of wherever you want the spa setup, so this should have a bearing on your thoughts when choosing the perfect spot. Bear in mind that once the spa is installed and filled up with water, you will not be able to move it until we collect it, so make sure that you are happy with your choice of location.

Where Will Our Staff Get The Water From To Fill Up The Hot Tub?

The next thing to consider is how our staff will access the water needed to fill up your hot tub. All we need is access to an outside tap and a hose. Alternatively, if you want to benefit from an extra day using the hot tub, you could use warm water rather than cold to speed up the process. Typically if using cold water, our tubs take 24 hours to get the water to the optimum temperature, which is why we always deliver the tubs before the weekend to give you sufficient time to get the water to the correct temperature.

What About The Chemicals?

If you own a hot tub, you must manage the chemicals daily, which is not as complicated as it sounds, so don’t worry too much. However, if you are hiring one of our hot tubs, our staff will ensure that the chemicals are set up correctly before they leave and then provide you with extensive instructions on what you will need to do throughout the term of your hire. All that is really needed is for you to perform a basic test daily and record the results.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Essentially all that is now left is for you, your family, and friends to have a fantastic time, enjoy the hot tub, and most of all, stay safe. If you enjoy the hot tub so much that you want to extend your hire, get in touch with us as early as possible, as this happens regularly, and we don’t wish you to be disappointed.

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