What could be better than a hot tub hire in the depths of winter? Imagine relaxing under the stars on an ice cold starry evening in one of our superb hot tubs with your loved ones.

We do everything we physically can to ensure your hot tub hire goes without a hitch, even in the depths of winter.

The leading manufacturer of inflatable hot tubs is a company called Lay z Spa – all of our hot tubs are Lay z Spa tubs and they are all fitted with Freeze Shield technology. Freeze Shield stops the pump and blower unit working when it detects a water or air temperature below 4 degrees.

As soon as the blower / pump unit is plugged in it will detect an air temperature, if this is below 4 degrees it will display a E03 Error code and be nonoperational.

With your help we are able to get your hot tub setup and ready to use as normal regardless of the temperature.

Here is how:

1. Upon arrival to your home we will give you the pump / blower unit to “warm up” inside your property – ideally close to a radiator for 10-15 minutes.

2. Once we have positioned the safety mats, your hot tub and lid ready for inflation we will ask for the pump / blower unit. We will then blow up the hot tub / lid and give you back the blower / pump unit to keep warm until we need it next.

3. With the hot tub now in position and inflated we need to begin filling the hot tub. We will need to fill your tub with water from your hot water tap. We will attach our hose to your inside hot water tap – our range of tap adapters suits almost every type of tap.

4. Once your hot tub is filled above the pump intake with hot water we can connect the pump / blower unit – and leave the hot tub filling using cold water from your outside tap.

Then, you will be up and running, regardless of the temperature outside!

Enjoy a hot tub hire this winter with Hot Tub Fun! Call today on 01494 355410